Dr. Syed Arshad Hussain Wellcomes You

Special Issue on “Material Science” published in Invertis Journal of Science and Technology, Vol. 7, No. 2, 2014
August 16, 2014, 4:37 pm
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Guest Editor: Dr. Syed Arshad Hussain

 Front Cover



Holographic Interferometry Measurement of Diffusion Coefficient
Sachin J. Pawar
Structural, Elastic and Thermal Properties of BaTiO3
Renu Choithrani
 Synthesis and Characterization of Cobalt Ferrite (Cofe2o4) Nanoparticles by Sol-Gel Autocombustion Method
H.B. Sharma, N.G. Boinis Singh, S. Bobby Singh and Th. Dhanabati Devi
 Studies of Junction Parameters of Sn/(p)Bi2S3 Schottky Junction Prepared by Vacuum Evaporation Technique
T. Kachari, G. Wary and A. Rahman
 Early Detection of Cervical Cancer Using Novel Segmentation Algorithms
Abhishek Das, Avijit Kar and Debasis Bhattacharyya
 Study of Hysteresis during pH and Temperature Changes of Acriflavine: A Gateway to Optrode
Soma Banik, Dibyendu Dey, D. Bhattacharjee and Syed Arshad Hussain
 Layer-by-Layer Electrostatic Self-assembly Method: A Facile Approach of Preparing Nanoscale Molecular Thin Films
Pabitra Kumar Paul, Chaitali Hansda and Syed Arshad Husain
 A DFT Study on Electronic Structures and Elastic Properties of AgX (X=C, N) in Rock Salt Structure
Jameson Maibam, Kh. Kabita, B. Indrajit Sharma, R.K. Thapa and R.K. Brojen Singh
 Application of Bio-Nanocomposite Photoelectric Material for the Therapeutic of Cardiac Disorder: an Integration of Bio-hybrid System
Ankush Rai

 Back cover


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