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September 1, 2012, 4:13 pm
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Slogan for anti-corruption: A route for corruption & Position
June 15, 2011, 7:41 pm
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Slogan against corruption and black money is a recent media buzz. Although in India corruption and lack of work culture is really a problem and obstucting our development.

Unfortunately the people who are behind this present protest most of them are corrupted except a very few.

Ramdev is a clever businessman selling Yuga and playing with peoples emotion. If one donates money (even black) to him it becomes white as he posed in Ramlilla. He is now aiming for a political possition and I guess he will attain it. Kiran Bedi, a corrupted IPS who had triggered unsavoury controversy when she manipulated her position to get PRC for her daughter in Mizoram to get a medical seat. List are long. In India these types of people & of course the politicians only have the right to go to hunger strike or so called protest to become famous or attain position. Aam admi like Guru Nigamananda or Irom Sharmila (Manipur) should not go for strike. We shall not support their heroics but will help Ramdev or Bedi or other politician to become more corrupted even through protesting against corruption. Incredible India. Zindabaad.

Indian education needs proper policy
June 8, 2011, 8:28 pm
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The undergraduate education in India is booming (Nature, vol 472, 24 – 26, 2011) and government is increasing investment towards research and higher education. However, lack of quality education as well as proper policy remains the major concern till today. Accordingly, Indian science is lagging behind not just developed nations, but also newly industrialized countries such as China.

According to a recent scientometric analysis (Curr. Sci. vol 99 no 5 577 – 587, 2010) number of publications from Indian institutions in higher impact journals like Nature, Science, Cell etc is very poor. Almost all top Asian universities published more than the Indian institutions. Although publication in high quality journal always reflects the quality of research in science & technology of a country.

University Grants Commission, the controlling body of Indian universities recently launches academic performance indicator (API) based system for recruiting and promoting professors in college and universities [http://www.ugc.ac.in/policy/englishgazette.pdf]. The API score for paper in referred journal would be augmented as follows: (i) indexed journals – 5 points (ii) paper with impact factor (IF) between 1 & 2 by 10 points (iii) paper with IF between 2 & 5 by 15 points (iii) paper with IF between 5 & 10 by 25 points (iv) for a paper in non referred journal API score is 10. The API for joint publications will have to be divided. One can earn 10 API score presenting a paper in a seminar. This in turn will discourage collaborative research, as it will cause division of API score. Also the corresponding author and first author will share maximum points. eg. Suppose there are 4 author publish a paper in a journal with IF 9. Then total API score = 25. Out of which first author and corresponding author will share 60% = 15. The remaining two author will have 5 API score each. So publishing a paper in high impact (IF=9) journal 3 rd and 4th author get API 5 points. Where publishing a paper in a nonreferred journal (only with ISSN/ISBN) a single author can have 10 points. Even attending a national conference one can have API score 7.5 points. Now a days seminar is almost like a picnic, lots of seminars are being organized and there is hardly any quality control except top 1-2% of total seminar/conference held.  Eventually people are trying to attend more seminars and to publish more paper in non referred journals to earn maximum score.

Therefore in order to fulfill the dream to be a developed nation India should frame proper policy to boost up the quality research and higher education in university and institutions. Otherwise quantity will reign over quality. In this regard, India may adopt proper research policies that have proved successful in other countries.


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Ramdev’s Drama
June 4, 2011, 8:49 pm
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Baba Ramdev has launched fasting to protest against corruption and black money. But unfortunately he himself is a corrupted man living luxurious life with five star facility. Moving with personal plane. He is clever businessman   playing with people’s emotion and selling the yuga. Even in ramlila maidan during his fasting people’s donating him lacs of money and he is accepting it gladly. His ultimate aim is to join politics. First of all CBI should raid Baba’s empire then baba should think for others. Few years back Ramdev was at Tripura  for some yuga school. During that he sells medicine and others thing with out paying the taxes. There was news and complain by state government.